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Best DVD Solutions is a leader in the latest DVD technology. We offer a complete range of “Digital Solutions” for the consumer and commercial markets. We specialize in “digitally re-mastering” video, photographs, film, music and more to long lasting DVD. Please review our web site for a better understanding of the products and services we offer. Call us for a free consultation about your next digital project.

In the years before DVD, we enjoyed our movies, be them homemade or cinematic, on VHS. Additionally many of us still own both our VHS tapes and our players because at some point in the past we used a home video camera to capture important or special moments in time. These videos contain precious memories and though it might be inconvenient to unpack video tapes and players when the urge to view videos arises, we do so whenever we become sentimental. Best DVD Solutions offers owners of VHS tapes VHS to DVD transfers so that you can enjoy your home videos on a current and affordable medium.

Slides provide a great way to relive extraordinary moments from the past. Whether they are slides of vacations spots, graduations, birthdays, or family gatherings slides are a favorite pastime of the family unit. Though they often provide moments of nostalgia and fun for those viewing them, the requirements for viewing slides can be somewhat burdensome and usually require that participating parties wait for evening to fall before proceeding. Viewing slides in the traditional manner is on borrowed time however, as Best DVD Solutions offers Slides To DVD transfers to it’s clients. Having your slides transferred to DVD not only places them on a more durable medium but will also allow you to view them in any room light or dark and at any time of the day or night.

Until the widespread release and use of VHS camcorders, the most popular way to capture home video was through an 8 millimeter camera. These videos are regarded by some as their family’s most important and nostalgic belongings. 8 millimeter videos, much like slides require a dark setting to view and can be troublesome to not only set up the projector and films, but to locate them as well. As DVD technology became popular in the late 90’s many who owned old 8 millimeter videos sought to have those films transferred to DVD. Best DVD Solutions proudly offers Film to DVD transfers to its client’s so that your prized videos are not only preserved on a more resilient format but are also viewable at any time during the day or night without the hassle of operating a projector or waiting for sundown.

There is little if any comfort or solace one can find after the death of a loved one however there looking over old photographs, videos, and the like can provide the grief-stricken with some relief and remind those left behind of happier times and the good that the departed brought to their lives. Best DVD Solutions creates funeral tributes using old photographs, videos, and slides of your loved one that can be viewed whenever you like. All media given to us is placed onto a DVD so that it may be viewed at any time. Many approach us and ask us to create funeral tributes for use during funerals or even wakes which offer reflections of a life and allow loved ones to remember the good times.


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We offer a complete range of “Digital Solutions” for the consumer and commercial markets