Film To Video Conversions: Frame Rate Issues

There are a number of different things to consider when converting film over to the various forms of digital media. Chief among these reasons will be the frames per second that films are shot in. Individuals who own old films should definitely contact a professional so as to avoid a final product that can range anywhere from mildly irritating to completely unwatchable.

Films have traditionally been shot between 16 and 24 frames per second. Videos on the other hand run at just under 30 frames per second. Old films should be converted to video by a professional will be so that they can compensate for the difference in speed between film and digital video.

Conversions done at home or by laypersons utilizing store-bought tools usually miss out on the opportunity to compensate and therefore end up being subpar conversions in which the video looks choppy or gets the jitters.

There are many things that owners of old films must be wary of if they want to preserve their memories for the remainder of their lives and even the lives of those whom they plan to pass them down to. One of the most important things on this list is capturing proper motion. When films are converted to digital video by a professional who possesses the experience and the tools to do so properly, there will be plenty of frame rate compensation which will leave owners of films and now digital videos with memories that look as smooth as they ever did and sometimes even better.

Best of all converting film to digital video isn’t as expensive as it once was with many professionals willing to work with individuals in order to give them the opportunity to have their memories preserved. Additionally the convenience of watching digital videos that have been converted from film makes it easy to enjoy reliving moments from the past any time the mood or need strikes.

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