Photo Organization

We’ve all got them; stacks of or books full of pictures that are packed away in some remote corner of a closet or garage. While most individuals believe that pictures left in closets and garages will be safe for years to come, they actually face a number of different dangers.

Of course the most immediate threat to pictures in storage is the extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, that they are exposed to. In some garages and closets pictures in storage will also be exposed to a high level of humidity which is also detrimental to their longevity. There is also of course things like dust, bugs, and the bending and crushing of pictures to contend with.

Even individuals who aren’t overly concerned with any of the aforementioned dangers must concede that finding stored pictures for a few minutes of viewing is, at the very least inconvenient. People who pull their pictures out of storage even frequently will tell you that they’re disappointed in the constantly degrading images on their prints. Even the most carefully stored and protected pictures will see their luster and vibrancy diminish as time rolls on.

While protecting and preserving photographs is one of the primary reasons people have them transferred to DVD, many also do so for convenience. This is because photos transferred to DVD can be arranged by a professional so as to appear in slideshows and/or alongside music. Of course individuals are also free to select a basic transfer which will allow them to view the pictures on modern television sets and computers without the hassle of unpacking and repacking them all in one day.

Some individuals also elect to transfer their photographs to DVD simply because they have so many that they’ve become unmanageable. A simple DVD disc can hold anywhere from hundreds to thousands of photographs and professionals performing the transfer can also enhance the color and contrast of photographs that have been lost to time. Moreover professionals can organize your pictures as well!

If you’ve got tons of pictures lying around your home or in storage somewhere why not have them transferred to DVD? The process is relatively quick and simple and you’ll be able to enjoy your photographs of family, vacations, and holidays anytime nostalgia strikes. If you’re worried about mailing us your old photographs you can simply drop them off at our office negating the need for worry and any potential damage your photographs might incur during postal delivery. Be sure to contact us with any questions you may have about transferring photographs to DVD.

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