Save Your 8mm Films With A Digital Transfer

Those of us old enough to remember 8mm films will remember having to wait until the sun had set to watch them. Sure there were those of us who had darkrooms specifically for viewing 8mm films but the majority of us had to wait for the evening to roll around before any film could be enjoyed. We also remember the cumbersome projector and films that had to be set up and then taken down before and after viewing. Moreover those of us who are familiar with 8mm films also remember the difficulty in storing them safely when not in use. Things like dust, dirt, insects, moisture, heat, and the dreaded vinegar syndrome are all things that render 8mm movies unplayable.

Those of us who still own 8mm films or of had some passed down to us by family rarely, if ever, view these movies simply because of the difficulty in finding them in storage, setting up the projector, and waiting for nightfall. There is also the added worry of ruining an old film while playing it that keeps many of us from enjoying some old memories. The good news is that those of us who are in possession of 8mm films can breathe a sigh of relief.

While 8mm film to DVD conversions are nothing new, they were once expensive and finding a company to handle them for you was very difficult. These days simplified and more efficient technology has made the process of conversion much cheaper and much faster. As a result people can now convert their 8mm films to DVD at a very low cost and in some cases end up with a finished product that looks and sounds better than the original film. Moreover many of the companies that offer conversion services are flexible with the pricing and are willing to work with customers in order to ensure their memories are preserved.

As mentioned previously 8mm film to DVD conversions are nothing new and some people choose to do conversions themselves by utilizing electronic store grade equipment. The reality of the situation however is that home conversions rarely look or sound as good as transfers that are completed by a professional. Additionally do-it-yourselfers must contend with complicated software and even computer peripherals which can be confusing and waste time.

Those of us in possession of 8mm films don’t want to lose the memories on them and many of us also want to pass them down to our children and grandchildren when the time is right. The best way to ensure that these videos remain intact for viewing and for future inheritance is to have them transferred to DVD.

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