Save Your Birthday Memories!

Although it is more common for them to be held in honor of children, many adults also go all out and throw large birthday bashes. Regardless of age however birthday parties are traditionally events that are captured on video so that they can be relived years down the line. The problem however lies not in the capturing of these videos but in the formats in which they were captured to.

Up until just a few years ago most home videos were captured on cameras that utilized some type of film or tape. Now that the world is almost completely digital it can be difficult and sometimes impossible for people to view movies captured on film. In scenarios where people find themselves in this type of situation, these old movies will be neatly tucked away somewhere and forgotten, which is a shame of course.

If an individual took the time the film a birthday party, regardless of who it was for, there’s a good chance that they did so knowing they want to view it at some point in the future. Once these old movies are stored away however not only do they face a number of dangers from natural elements but they are notoriously difficult to find. Having birthday parties on old videos transferred to a digital medium makes for convenience and safe viewing. We all know often old tapes are warped or broken by their players. This type of breakage cannot occur once filmed birthday parties are transferred to a digital medium.

Should you have any birthday parties on film that need to be transferred to DVD or any other digital format please be sure to contact us for assistance!

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