Wedding Memories On VHS and Betamax

Unless you were married recently there is a good chance that the video of your wedding is sitting somewhere in a dark box filled with dust and bugs. Furthermore your wedding video is probably in VHS and Betamax format; two formats which are now completely and utterly obsolete. It’s also a good bet that you don’t have a machine in your own capable of playing either format.

Weddings like all other events that serve as a marker in the life of individuals, are moments that are meant to be remembered. While weddings on video certainly help couples remember their big day, those who have their weddings on Betamax and VHS formats run the risk of losing those memories not the time but to things like heat, moisture, insects, and even dirt and dust. All these things take their toll on old video tapes and can render them unplayable after just a short amount of time in storage.

If you’re a couple whose wedding was captured on videotape don’t wait! Transferring old Betamax and VHS cassettes to digital mediums like DVD is a cinch for us and in some cases will result in improved audio and video as well. Your memories are priceless and once gone can never be retrieved. Should you have any questions about digital video transfers or like to proceed with one please be sure to contact us that we may be of assistance.

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