Why Transfer Your Old Media To DVD?

Here at Best DVD Solutions we have always and will continue to urge people to transfer their old media to more modern media for any number of reasons. Today we’ll provide you with some very important reasons why you should have these transfers done.


As technology continues to advance at a rapid rate it becomes cheaper and cheaper and even easier than ever before to transfer VHS to DVD. At Best DVD Solutions we apply the latest, most efficient, and most affordable technology to our clients projects. This means that in addition to transferring VHS to DVD our customers now have an affordable option with which they can transfer Betamax to DVD, transfer slides to DVD, and even transfer 8mm to DVD. Anyone interested in such a transfer need only to send us their videos and we’ll do the rest. When you receive your old media on DVD you have the ability to watch your old movies in a more convenient manner. Having the ability to go right to a specific point in video through the use of chapters on DVD is much more convenient than sifting through hours of raw footage looking for a special moment. It’s never been easier to have a VHS to DVD transfer done nor has ever been more affordable!

Production and Editing

Now that video technology has advanced to the point where virtually anything can be done with the video it’s never been easier to have all of your old media digitized and stored on a more reliable medium. Transferring VHS to DVD or having any other old media moved to a more modern medium means that you can have scrapbooks created, slideshows created or even commercials put together for business. Best of all because technology has advanced so far and has become so affordable you no longer have to pay outrageous production fees in order to have a VHS to DVD transfer done. In addition to this during the production and editing phase of your VHS to DVD transfer, we apply technologies to your videos that can actually improve both the audio and video quality of your media. Of course as we’ve stated before the original source material determines how much of the video and its audio can be improved but in most cases the difference is immediately noticeable when playing through a modern DVD player and viewed on a modern television set. Whether you hire Best DVD Solutions for a VHS to DVD transfer or to have your media digitized and sent back to you on CD for use on a computer your media is in good hands and will be returned to you in better shape than you sent it to us in.

Special Events and Celebrations

Best DVD Solutions provides things like VHS to DVD transfers not only for individuals who simply want their media stored on a more modern and durable medium but for those individuals who need such transfers for special events and celebrations. Many times our clients request a VHS to DVD transfer or other digital transfer and leave it at that. Some of our customers however request that we take old VHS cassettes, slides, and even photographs and put together digital collages for things like funerals, birthday celebrations, gifts, and even anniversaries. Though we are best known for our VHS to DVD transferservices, the transfers we perform aren’t always as simple as moving media from one medium to another. Be sure to visit our website for additional information on things like funeral tributes and collages for celebrations of all types.

Storage And Safety

If you’re an owner of VHS cassettes then you know that it takes a remarkable amount of space to house/store these tapes. You also know how fragile VHS cassettes are and how easily they are destroyed and decay. When you request a VHS to DVD transfer, or Betamax to DVD transfer you are essentially negating the need for a large and dedicated storage area for your VHS cassettes. DVDs require far less space when it comes to storage and are far more durable and less prone to destruction, both natural and unnatural, then is its predecessors. Chances are that if you own VHS cassettes the videos on those tapes are at least 1 to 2 decades old if not older. This means it’s likely that you have video of relatives, friends, and places that have either moved on, passed away, or no longer exist. These types of memories aren’t things that you want to lose to time and decay and thus remains one of the primary reasons people request a VHS or Betamax to DVD transfer. These things also apply, sometimes even more so, to 8 mm films and slides as they are usually even older than VHS and Betamax.

Convenient Entertainment

Reflecting on past events is always entertaining and can be a real treat when family members gather in one location. Having your VHS transfer to DVD done allows you to both access and view your old videos quickly whereas viewing them on a VCR can be quite inconvenient. Most homes have a DVD player somewhere in the home while most homes have either sold, thrown out, or relegated their VCRs to storage. In addition to the ease of access a VHS to DVD transfer presents, transferring slides to DVD and transferring 8mm to DVD allows families and friends together around the TV and view that media any time of day whereas viewing them in their original formats will require a darkened room which usually means they can be viewed until after dusk. Digitized transfers of your media allow friends and family together and get a kick out of old videos and go on a nostalgia laden trip anytime the mood takes them.

Reconnecting with Lost Friends

Videos on VHS, Betamax, or on slides and 8mm film are likely to be decades-old. As such they can be difficult and sometimes impossible or at the very least inconvenient to view in their original formats. Once you transfer VHS to DVD or selected one of our other digital transfer services you’ll likely view your videos on a more frequent basis and as such will come across friends and locations you may have forgotten about. Reliving the time you spent with them or the time you spent at certain locations may prompt you to utilize the Internet to reconnect with people you fell out of touch with. It may also prompt you to take your family to the locations you visited as a child with your parents or grandparents. Digitized video transfers often serve as an important reminder of the people and places that we loved in the past and may have forgotten about. Having the ability to conveniently watch your old videos on a modern format will allow you to rediscover these people and places with ease and comfort.

Family Time

These days families are much busier than they ever have been. Schedules with work, school, and extracurricular activities often interfere with or completely cancel out family time. Some of the best family experiences are those that are shared around the TV and those that involve parents sharing their experiences with their children or the entire family reliving a special moment from their past. As mentioned previously however conflicting schedules can make partaking in such activities extremely difficult if not impossible at times. Reliving these moments often involves viewing old videos but as that can be extremely inconvenient due to equipment being in storage or impossible find many families don’t get to experience these moments as much as they would like to. When you hire Best DVD Solutions to transfer VHS to DVD for you you’ll eliminate one of the bigger inconveniences of viewing old videos. Popping a DVD into its player and turning on the TV in the living room is a cinch. Once a family is able to get together there’s no preparation time needed when they want to view one of their old videos. Instead they can spend the time reliving special moments and revisiting old vacation spots another favorite locations. Again the ability to move seamlessly through chapters and go right to what they want to view allows them to spend more time discussing what they’re viewing and more time to enjoy themselves.

Deterioration of Old Media

Many clients come to us after it’s too late, after their VHS cassettes, 8mm film, or slides have began to deteriorate. Though some old media that’s began to undergo decay can be salvaged to some degree once degradation has set in its often too late to do anything with the media. We service a great number of clients with VHS to DVD transfers who simply request the transfer for preservation and archiving reasons alone. Many of these people have no desire to view the media on an even semi-frequent basis but rather want it safe for those rare instances in which they do want to view it. Other individuals come to us for VHS to DVD transfer or an 8mm to DVD transfer so that their memories and videos will be safe for generations and so that they can pass them down to their children or grandchildren when they pass on. Passing on old videos is not always possible when they’re left on an old medium such as VHS or 8mm film. Don’t take the chance of your media falling victim to things like vinegar syndrome and other types of media decay.

Here at Best DVD Solutions we offer a wide variety of digital transfer services so that no matter what type of transfer you might need and the reason you might want it, there is a transfer service for you and your videos regardless of format. Our goal At Best DVD Solutions is simple. That goal is to help individuals preserve their old media and make it convenient for them to both store and view whenever they like. Our services are simple, affordable and logical. The following is a list of digital transfer services we currently offer:

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