Your Memories Are In Caring Hands

Giving a company and it’s staff access to your old home movies can be quite nerve racking and is one of the reasons some people have trepidations about having their memories transferred to a more durable modern medium. The impersonal nature of some DVD transfer companies is unnerving to some which is why we here at Best DVD Solutions take a different approach.

When we receive VHS cassettes, 8mm films, slides, or any other form of antiquated media from our clients we care for them as though they are our own personal videos. The caring and respect for your memories doesn’t end with their arrival at our office either. Great care is taken is transfer process as well. This often comes by way of improving video and audio quality and other times it’s simply making sure old media isn’t torn, broken, or damaged in some other way during the transfer.

Best DVD Solutions doesn’t view its customers as number or a profit. We love helping people preserve their memories for a lifetime and we go to great lengths to help people understand how the transfer process works. The care and love we put into each transfer is reflected in the final product which leaves our customers satisfied 100% of the time.

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